• The originator of T’ai Chi Chih discusses its origins, its spiritual and metaphysical aspects, and its usefulness as a tool for rapid evolution. In the first part of this 45-minute recording, Justin Stone speaks from the heart about his experience with T’ai Chi Chih and about what you can expect to gain with regular practice. He relays anecdotes about the many benefits that have accrued to his students since he originated the movements in 1974. And while weaving apropos stories and conveying down-to-earth information about eastern philosophy, he goes on to discuss the all-important nature of Chi. In part two, Justin fields insightful questions about this spiritual discipline and calls upon Zen Master Hakuin, Sufi masters, Paul Reps and others to reinforce his teachings.

    Among the topics covered:

    • Why is it necessary to keep your concentration in the soles of the feet while doing T’ai Chi Chih?

    • What is the importance of softness in T’ai Chi Chih practice?

    • What is karma?

    • What is the relationship between karma and Chi?

    • How do emotions condition the Chi?

    Listen to track 1 of Justin Stone Speaks on T'ai Chi Chih.
  • This masterful presentation features little known and classic spiritual stories from Zen, Sufi and Indian traditions. Much more than a delightful set of humorous tales, they actually represent a mini-course in Eastern Philosophy. Each story contains universal insights and bears repeated contemplation. The subtle spiritual lessons will take you by surprise. The second half contains more personal stories, drawn from Justin Stone’s vast experience in the Southeast Asia. The two CD set is a must for anyone interested in taking their practice to deeper reaches. Listen to track 1 of Spiritual Stories of the East.
  • The first two tracks of this keyboard music were written, composed, and performed by Justin Stone, the originator of T’ai Chi Chih, specifically to enhance your practice. Featuring delicate, non-intrusive sounds, these soothing tunes also support the natural feeling of serenity and tranquility. Listen to track 1 of Serene Nature.
  • Ideal for T'ai Chi Chih practice, this gentle music is found on the practice segment of the Justin's instructional DVD. The music is also fitting for quiet listening and other activities that encourage calmness. Listen to track 1 of Music for T'ai Chi Chih Practice and Restful Listening.


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