Originator Justin Stone speaks on T’ai Chi Chih, answering audience questions. What we do we “mean when we say, ‘The emotions condition the Chi’? ‘Aren’t they the normal motions?’ she asks. The great Chinese Zen Master Yuan Man answers this question for us. He says, ‘The universe is so expansive, why does the sound of a bell range over only seven notes?’ He was saying that basically there are only seven emotions by which we are swayed; pleasure, anger, sorrow, joy, love, hate and desire. We might want to add hope, which can sometimes be very devastating when it keeps us from living in the present. As Alice in Wonderland remarked, ‘Always jam tomorrow, never jam today.’ Doesn’t this sound familiar? Hope is close to desire of course and this is a desire world. That most important characteristic greed, the maker of war and tyranny is also closely aligned to desire. If I can add one personal observation, it is not the emotions that make us unhappy but the resentment and clinging that they tend to breed.”

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