November 20, 1916 – March 28, 2012

Justin Stone had successful careers in music (he recorded jazz piano and wrote and recorded the background music for the 13-part PBS series on T’ai Chi Chih); finance (he was an allied member of the New York Stock Exchange); and writing (he wrote more than a dozen books). He was also an exhibiting painter and an accomplished poet.

Justin left the financial world in 1953 to take the first of many trips to the Southeast Asia, where he practiced with Yogis in India and Zen monks in Japan. He considered these trips the most important part of his life.

In 1974, after having practiced and taught T’ai Chi Ch’uan for many years, he originated T’ai Chi Chih. In a short period, mostly via word-of-mouth, T’ai Chi Chih spread throughout the world. There are now over 2,500 accredited teachers.

Justin considered the circulation and balancing of Chi (Intrinsic Energy) to be the most important secret of life. He wrote 12 books on various spiritual subjects and taught meditation and T’ai Chi Chih. He also conducted meditation retreats for sincere students.

“The trick is to make effort without effort. This is why we meditate.”

Justin Stone, Originator T’ai Chi Chih