“Justin had a great influence on so many lives, including mine…”

The T’ai Chi Chih practice was always what he cared about most. Every time we met he would ask, “Are you doing your practice? Are you teaching?” While in Albuquerque, just before a teacher practice, I asked him to correct anything I was doing wrong. From across the circle, he said, “You are leaning, dear.” Oh boy; I had asked for this. The first thought that came to mind was, “If I am leaning, everybody in this room is leaning.” Nice ego, Caroline. This will take you far. Then I thought, “Well, if you cannot even take this, what in the world are you doing here? You only have thirty more minutes to spend with him. You’d better pay attention.” So I focused on him and only on him; I synchronized my pace to his. And I saw how absolutely effortless he was. His movement was completely natural. It was so easy. And in that moment, moving in unison with him, I received the answer I needed.

– Caroline Guilott, Lake Charles, Louisiana

Justin Stone was the real deal. He didn’t flaunt his knowledge or experience; he freely shared and encouraged each to find out whatever it was one needed to learn. “Why would you doubt your own experience?” he’d ask. Justin’s life work – with his books, publications and T’ai Chi Chih practice – will continue to provide access to the essential Justin we are now missing. Just because his body gave out doesn’t mean the content of what he left behind is any different.

I was most taken by Justin’s true compassion. The video record of Justin’s visit inside Folsom prison speaks volumes about who and what he was. I can’t quote Justin directly but at this event Justin said he was most grateful for the people that he had met during his life. With his passing, we can all be grateful that our lives have touched each others’ through Justin Stone. I am also in awe of the love and compassion and Joy that surrounded Justin – especially in his final days. Beautiful and moving. Well done Justin, and well done caregivers.

– GK, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“T’ai Chi Chih has changed my life”

— 9 out of 10 letters received by Justin Stone, Originator of the practice

I will miss your smile and gentle greeting of “Big Sister.”
To kneel at your feet and kiss your hand and know that
Even though I could not possibly understand the depth of your Being,
I was loved in the most impersonal and personal way.
We will have to meet again, or not, to renew this knowingness
that began so long ago and continues as a ribbon winding
through time, until there is no time and just us as ONE.

                       ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

Take time to sit and sip a cup of tea with me.
The silence between us speaks volumes.
I relish the subtle taste of warm jasmine
that trickles down my throat as it gently warms my insides
to correspond with the gentle warmth of your presence.
How special it has been to share the dancing sunbeams
reminding us that the Light is always with us.
All this with a cup of tea and thee.

– CR, Port Hueneme, California

The tapestry of each person’s life is woven in secret, and only the Great One knows the full measure of its beauty and worth. The threads of your life, Justin, have created a rich and varied tapestry for all to see. Those of us privileged to know you are blessed with the deep and vital practice of T’ai Chi Chih. Sharing this moving meditation with others has given us all a blessing of joy and wellbeing that is beyond measure. Love and gratitude.

– LB, Castro Valley, California

“ If you want to know about T’ai Chi Chih, just do it.”

— Justin Stone, Originator

I feel fortunate for the opportunity to carry on a part of Justin’s legacy, the class inside Folsom Prison. His visit there is still remembered fondly, and the class has helped the men beyond measure. So here, I convey their immense gratitude as well as my own. Thank you, Justin, for helping to heal humanity.

Yesterday I brought the news of Justin’s transition to the men inside Folsom Prison. We always begin class in a circle of chairs, sharing and reading together. They were very somber and quiet as they received the news. Justin’s respect for them, and his words, “We are all living one life; your joy is my joy; your pain is my pain,” created a great sense of kinship between the men and Justin. They expressed so much gratitude for his life, for the form, for the difference it has made in their lives. One of them, a successful doctor before his incarceration, says that only through his TCC practice while in prison has he truly learned how to be a joyful human being. Justin has given them the gift of freedom within, no matter their circumstances. They cannot say thank you enough.

– JH, Placerville, California

I never planned to be a teacher, but the Universe provides us a path if we chose to follow. After learning and practicing T’ai Chi Chih I began wanting to be of service to others by sharing the peace and joy through movement I have found when doing TCC. When I went to teacher training and met Justin I was moved and inspired by his desire that TCC not become a business, that it a gift to humanity. I honor this wish through my volunteer teaching of TCC, and I am thankful we have been blessed to have had Justin as our guide and leader for so many years. May we all continue to honor his gift to humanity through our practices of TCC.

– MS, Phoenix, Arizona

“If you live with gratitude and express the gratitude, you can’t be unhappy.”

— Justin Stone, Originator