Justin Stone Speaks on T’ai Chi Chih – Track 3

It's powerful to listen to Justin Stone speak about T'ai Chi Chih. This track and his voice begin: "So closely is this Chi identified with breath, though it is not the same, that the Chinese use an identical word for the two of them.... "Like what you hear? Keep listening here and/or you may buy [...]


Justin Stone Speaks on T’ai Chi Chih – Track 2

What does Justin Stone say T'ai Chi Chih? "On the contrary T’ai Chi Chih or Joy Thru Movement seems to bring results almost instantly. The very first time it was taught in New Mexico in 1947 [he most likely means 1974] a Catholic priest regained his sense of smell in the first session. I admit [...]


Justin Stone Speaks on T’ai Chi Chih – Track 1

"A Chinese monk once said, 'When the mind is transparent and pure as if reflected on the mirror-like surface of the water there is nothing in the world you would dislike. When it is serene as the light breeze in the sunshine there will be no one whom you would like to forget.' Such serenity [...]