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The Cumulative Effects Of T’ai Chi Chih

May 13th, 2024|Categories: Spiritual Odyssey|

With regularity of practice, the deeper meanings of T’ai Chi Chih become evident after some time. If one does not practice regularly, it is like a pianist who does finger exercises once every two weeks, or an athlete who eats only intermittently; there is [...]

The Six Darshanas

May 9th, 2024|Categories: Gateway to Eastern Philosophy & Religion|

The six philosophies of India go back thousands of years and are the same now as they were then. These philosophies express eternal truths, whereas Western philosophies regularly supercede themselves. In the West, a new scientific discovery brings the demise of a philosophy or someone [...]

Comment On “Ultimate Truth”

April 27th, 2024|Categories: Spiritual Odyssey|

Teachers and students are constantly asking me to write a book on “Ultimate Truth.” If I did so, they would resent the very “truth” they asked for, as it would threaten the ground of their previous concepts. This is not what they really want; their [...]

Abandon Hope

April 5th, 2024|Categories: Abandon Hope|

“Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.” This would appear to be the opposite of everything we believe in, the death blow to our expectation of living a full and fulfilled life. But it isn't. Quite the contrary, it is the way to wake up [...]

Introduction to Meditation For Healing

April 1st, 2024|Categories: Meditation For Healing|

The author’s interest in healing through spiritual means goes back many, many years. Such healing methods must stand the test of actual practice; results must be achieved. Simply to believe in something because one wants it to be true is delusion, and delusion is diametrically [...]

Pyramid Poetry

March 7th, 2024|Categories: Climb the Joyous Mountain|

Haiku, the Japanese 17-syllable poems, have become exceedingly popular in the West. Many translations (some in rhyme and some not) of Basho, Buson, Issa, and other poets have appeared. Frequently, Westerners have attempted to write in the familiar three-line (five syllable, seven syllable, five syllable) [...]

Bird Flaps its Wings

March 3rd, 2024|Categories: Joy Thru Movement Photo Text|

We do the above sequence twice, letting our heels come off the ground (Figure 3).   On the third sequence (Figures 7-12), we do one full circle with the wrists and our knees bent. Then, from the top of a second circling of the wrists [...]


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