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Out Of Bondage

2021-09-09T05:41:47-07:00August 31st, 2021|Spiritual Odyssey|

We develop habit energies during our lifetime (called vasanas in Sanskrit), and these not only motivate us in our lives but also make our karma for the future. We believe we are perfectly [...]

The Best Reason to Practice

2021-08-08T14:36:39-07:00August 1st, 2021|Articles|

Karma is an important and frequently-used word, so it is important to understand what it means. In the Sanskrit language, karma means “action,” that and no more. So, when we glibly speak of “our karma,” [...]


2021-08-08T14:38:57-07:00July 18th, 2021|Talks|

Before I give this earth shaking talk, I want to say a couple of words. It’s like eating a sandwich before you go to a banquet. (You’ll see what I’m driving at.) Originally, when it [...]

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