We do the above sequence twice, letting our heels come off the ground (Figure 3).


On the third sequence (Figures 7-12), we do one full circle with the wrists and our knees bent.

Then, from the top of a second circling of the wrists (1 ½ circle actually), our hands slowly come together again, back to the starting position with our knees straightened. This is one complete set. We repeat the entire set three times.

In other words, we do Figures 1-6 twice and then Figures 7-12 once – and repeat that sequence three times before closing.


To  close, after the hands are together, we raise the hands nearly to the  chest, then lower them to the sides (not to the front) in a graceful finishing pose, with our knees slightly bent.

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Published On: March 3rd, 2024Categories: Joy Thru Movement Photo Text

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