• This compilation includes Justin Stone’s best essays from 1985 to 1997, most of which were published in the T’ai Chi Chih® News, the Vital Force Journal, or other periodicals. Some were culled from talks or retrieved from the author’s notes. Through them, readers are led through an unfolding spiritual odyssey. Subject matter includes T’ai Chi Chih practice, Eastern philosophic thought, aspects of meditation, and insights about spiritual practice.

    Look inside this book => Read Don't Neglect Essence for Form in Spiritual Odyssey.
  • Pairing time-lapse photography with concise commentary, this photo-text offers complete instruction in the simple — yet utterly profound — movements.

    Additional essays on the background and philosophy of T’ai Chi Chih are quite illuminating. This meditative T’ai Chi Chih discipline circulates and balances our internal energy (the Vital Force or chi), helping alleviate excess stress, aiding in relaxation, and improving our health, creativity, performance, and intuition.

    Look inside this book => Read the Preface to the T’ai Chi Chih! Joy Thru Movement Photo Text. Available in English, French, Italian, and Spanish
  • This “how-to” manual includes simple instruction in assorted disciplines that lead to heightened consciousness. Frequent use of these practices can lead to greater awareness of one’s sensory surroundings — and one’s more important inner landscape. Readers can come to know the majestic Satipatthana (Way of Mindfulness), Chi Kuan, Great Circle Meditations, and more.

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  • This comprehensive and comparative study of meditation techniques represents a definitive course in meditation. It features commentary and instruction for Chi Kuan, Japa (mantra repetition), Reverse Breathing (microcosmic orbit), Nei Kung, Zen, Dumo Heat and others. The history, effects, and anecdotes for each technique are included.

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  • Based on the author’s experiences and outlooks about sacred life in the East, this packed volume contains Stone’s unique views on Chinese Taoism and Indian Buddhism. Stone relates compelling personal incidents from his life and writes thoughtful essays on “The Human Condition” and “Joy is Man’s Heritage.” It serves as a perfect companion to Abandon Hope and features pyramid poetry as well as artwork and writings by Ou Mie Shu.

    Look inside this book => Read the Foreword to Climb the Joyous Mountain.
  • Beginning in India and ending in Japan, Stone takes readers on a whirlwind tour of Eastern systems of thought and practice. Transcribed and edited from a series of lectures, this endeavor integrates Stone’s book knowledge with his experiential knowledge. Readers may use this framework for deeper study into the various Buddhist practices that Stone introduces, including the six Darshanas of India, Kashmir Shaivism, Shinto, and New Japanese Religions. It also includes an extensive bibliography culled from Stone’s library.

    Look inside this book => Read the Foreword and Introduction to Gateway to Eastern Philosophy & Religion.


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