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Working with the Breath

February 6th, 2024|Categories: Meditation For Healing|

The two forms of Reverse Meditative Breathing play a dual role in healing meditation. First, it is extremely useful as a preliminary to other types of meditation. If those who do Mantra meditation, for example, will perform the two Reverse Meditative Breaths before starting to [...]

Circulating the Chi

August 29th, 2023|Categories: Meditation For Healing|

The secret Nei Kung (pronounced nei gung in Chinese and nai kan in Japanese) is a comparatively simple meditation that has great healing properties. It is little known because it is generally considered part of an oral tradition; that is, it is usually taught by [...]

The Grand Plan and the I Ching

August 6th, 2023|Categories: Climb the Joyous Mountain|

Events continually happen to me as though some grand plan is being carried out. No matter how I try, I cannot seem to go against the shape of this plan. If one can flow easily with the current, all goes well. But it will, seemingly, [...]

Preface to Joy Thru Movement

August 4th, 2023|Categories: Joy Thru Movement Photo Text|

What are the great secrets of life? Perhaps there are a few of them. Probably none is more important than the knowledge of how to circulate and balance the Intrinsic Energy, the Vital Force of the body, known as Chi in Chinese. The rewards in [...]

Foreword for Meditation For Healing

July 5th, 2023|Categories: Meditation For Healing|

The increasing momentum for the actualization of holistic ideals and practices in all areas of life (including medicine and health) reflects the widespread reawakening awareness that to be a human being means to be at one with all aspects of one’s being. Problems, diseases and [...]

Deep Study

July 1st, 2023|Categories: Spiritual Odyssey|

If you will go and live with a great Yogic teacher, you will find that that being is equivalent to consciousness. Since consciousness implies duality, this means there is something besides consciousness (awareness). Man is being (he thinks of himself as “a being”) and being [...]

Spiritual Maturity, The Growth of Certainty

May 9th, 2023|Categories: Abandon Hope|

“Lead me from the Unreal to the Real.” This is the great Vedantic prayer that represents
the height of spirituality. In the realm of illusion,
we inevitably find misery; we are bound and unable to exist in freedom. Sometimes the chains by which we
are bound are golden [...]


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