• This definitive instruction by the originator of the practice makes these 19 movements and one pose easy to learn.

    Experience the Vital Force flowing through your body; experience serenity in the midst of daily activities. This 90-minute session includes 45 minutes of instruction on all the important principles of the movements. It is then followed by a 45-minute, full (and silent) practice with four accredited teachers.

    Original music composed and played by Justin Stone accompanies the practice.

    Watch and listen to Justin introduce T'ai Chi Chih instruction.
  • This solo filming also contains visual and verbal instruction by Justin Stone. The difference, though, is that Justin leads the six-repetition practice segment at the end. Justin’s reminders demonstrate how easily Chi (internal energy) can be balanced for holistic health benefits.

    Watch and listen to Justin introduce the T'ai Chi Chih practice from his "solo" dvd.
  • Produced by KNME-TV (a PBS affiliate in Albuquerque, New Mexico), this insightful 66-minute DVD includes interviews between Justin Stone and accredited instructor Carmen Brocklehurst. Presented in a question-and-answer format, the compilation is drawn from the popular, long-running 13-part television series T’ai Chi Chih: Joy Thru Movement. Essential for students wishing to go as deeply as possible with their practice, the DVD features Justin Stone’s philosophy behind this form.

    Justin talks about:

    • The importance of softness in TCC practice

    • Moving with roundness, softness, and continuity

    • Developing Chi or Prana

    • The essence of TCC — inner sincerity


    • TCC for weight control

    • The effects of TCC practice: Lives change

    Seijaku — Stillness in the midst of activity

    • The power of Chi and its effects

    • TCC teachers

  • Seijaku


    Seijaku, which translates as “stillness in the midst of activity,” is an advanced and powerful form of the T’ai Chi Chih discipline.

    Many students believe they do not understand the vital principles of softness (so intrinsic to T’ai Chi Chih) until they practice Seijaku, which involves holding fast and letting go. This 50-minute presentation includes instruction and insights by its originator, Justin Stone, and is quite useful for beginning Seijaku students as well as those already familiar with Seijaku. Many students integrate Seijaku movements into their regular T’ai Chi Chih practice to greatly enhance the flow of chi.

    With five easy-to-navigate chapters:

    • Intro and Preliminary Breaths

    • Rocking Motion through Pulling in the Energy

    • Pulling Taffy through Cosmic Consciousness Pose

    • Complete Review Session

    • The Jing and Concluding Remarks


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