When I gave an evening course of this nature at the Monterey Peninsula College, I was amazed by the amount of interest it developed. Apparently people are not only concerned about making a living, developing meaningful relationships and coping with the inevitability of death, but they also want to learn how to live their lives without hypocrisy. If the boss says to lie, that he or she is not in, don’t I have to obey to keep my job? And if I do lie, why do I have a terrible feeling? After hearing a sermon on Sunday, why do I have to break all the rules the following week?

This is all part of finding out Who and What I am. In order to know What I am, I must first find out Who I am. The Lotus Sutra says:

From the State of Emptiness

Man’s body is a body pervading the Universe,

Man’s voice is a voice filling the Universe,

Man’s life is a life without limit.

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Published On: July 5th, 2022Categories: Spiritual Odyssey

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