For T’ai Chi Chih to grow in the future the way it has in the past, it is necessary to maintain an idealistic attitude. I believe teachers should earn good money from sincere teaching – the worker is worthy of his or her hire – but T’ai Chi Chih must not be thought of primarily as a business. Teachers bring something of great value to students – greater than they know – and so many see the changes in their lives as practice leads them to live the T’ai Chi way. This is a great reward for the teacher, who benefits from his or her own practice. In the audio recording Justin Stone Speaks on T’ai Chi Chih I talk about the effect on karma. As T’ai Chi Chih becomes more and more successful, more and more people may be tempted to think of it in the manner of a business endeavor. Keep on offering service; you’ll be very successful.

This article is published in Spiritual Odyssey.

Published On: November 21st, 2022Categories: Spiritual Odyssey

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