So-called “Enlightenment” (different in different traditions) implies realizing Unity. Dualistic thinking or practice cannot hope to realize Unity.

Strangely enough, Mary Baker Eddy seems to have understood that. I do not believe that most followers of Christian Science understand her teaching. If there is just One Perfection, where is there room for illness or hardship? This is from an ultimate standpoint.

To enter the Cosmic Rhythm and flow as this One Perfection is the aim of all true religious disciplines, but certainly not of most institutional religions.

How many are serious enough to profit by what is passed on to them? Most people instinctively divide life into two parts: first, the “reality” of everyday life, such as paying bills and wrestling with problems; then, if there is time, a brief period for spiritual practice. It would be hard for people to realize that both periods merge into one. There is no duality, no dichotomy. Right in the middle of the problems is the time to feel the Essence.

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Published On: February 20th, 2022Categories: Spiritual Odyssey

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