Teachers and students are constantly asking me to write a book on Ultimate Truth. If I did so, they would resent the very “truth” they asked for, as it would threaten the ground of their previous concepts. And “ultimate truth” is of no value in everyday life.

Take the following example:

“Nature has no interest in the individual. It oversees the evolution of the species, and the somewhat illusionary individual just happens to be part of that Species. Churches promise all sorts of beautiful futures – or hateful rewards – to the individual to gratify his ego sense of importance, and, probably, in doing so, they contribute a bit to morality and ethical behavior. But there are trillions of forms of life in billions of universes, and the human intellect is not capable of intuiting them. As heightened awareness leads to an unobstructed consciousness, they can be experienced, and it will then be realized that they are all here now – they are not geographical. When the vibratory rate is stepped up thru meditation, T’ai Chi Chih or heightened awareness seminars, as well as other disciplines, there may well be glimpses of other forms of life undreamed of in the everyday world. It is easy for a higher rate of vibration to be aware of what is below it, but one cannot look up the scale. Greater awareness will bring us to the conclusion that ‘we’ – and all life –  consist of a constant flux of energies. The illusion of individuality (maybe this is painful to realize) is replaced by an identity much greater.”

Does this mean we now become insignificant dots in one of the innumerable Cosmic systems? No, quite the opposite. When we find out Who and What we are, it is as the Lotus Sutra says:

Man’s voice is a voice filling the Universe, his life is a life without limit.

Fall 1988, ©The Vital Force
Reprinted with permission.

Published On: July 10th, 2023Categories: Articles

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