The increasing momentum for the actualization of holistic ideals and practices in all areas of life (including medicine and health) reflects the widespread reawakening awareness that to be a human being means to be at one with all aspects of one’s being. Problems, diseases and disharmonies do not occur in a vacuum unrelated to the events, attitudes, thoughts, feelings and activities forming the total environment in which they occur. To be holistic is to realize and experience that mind, body and spirit are so interrelated as to truly be one. To be holistic is also to be meditative.

Meditation for Healing is a holistic work in many important ways. Justin Stone is responsible for every aspect of the book’s creation including its content and arrangement. Like all of Justin’s works, this material derives from his great personal experience with the various meditative practices outlined. Studying with great teachers and masters, practicing rigorously, developing and creating new techniques, and teaching many students over the years has given Justin a rich glow reflecting his inner unity. Justin’s writing style is a blend of descriptive and easily understandable phrases with personal anecdotes and revelations. This style indicates Justin’s attention to radiating outward to his readers and inward to his center – and then shaping the two as one.

The great variety of practices discussed and instructions revealed reflects knowledge of the varied needs different personalities have in regard to meditative techniques and goals. At the same time it is clear that despite the variety of practices used to achieve differing ends, healing simply occurs or health simply exists when the total and pure state of absolute meditation exists. If this state is reached, irrespective of any conceptual opinion about it, healing takes place. Justin addresses this point in the introduction to the book when he says, “When meditation achieves total abstraction, for the moment there is complete healing. This passes as the abstraction fades, but it has had its effect.”

Meditation and health both are holistic ways of being with self and existence. Neither can be just read about, thought about or talked about to be experienced. To the extent that one can find one (or more) of the practices in this book which fits and resonates well with one’s being, and to the extent that one practices regularly, this book will certainly be a most creative and valuable tool in living well and being in good health throughout a lifetime.

– Harold A. Cohen, M.D.

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Published On: July 5th, 2023Categories: Meditation For Healing

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