Chapter 1:

• Watch posture and determine state of mind

• Shift weight mindfully from right to left foot

Chapter 2:

• Count out-breaths to 50 (observe breaths – short, long, rough, smooth)

• Click teeth 10 times, then 10 more (slowly)

• Hold breath after out-breath (become aware of body currents)

• Hold breath after in-breath (become aware of body currents)

Chapter 4:

• Notice all near and distant sounds, including body sounds (no imagination, don’t embroider)

• Chant Gayatri Mantra

• Sing “Joy, Joy, Healing thru Joy”

Chapter 6:

• Watch sensations and feelings (classify, no emotions)

• Watch objects of mind, seen and heard (note reactions)

Chapter 7:

• Practice entire Satipatthana meditation

Chapter 8:

• Visualize Duck’s Egg and Waterfall

• Practice Chih-kuan meditation

• Practice Great Circle Meditation

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Published On: September 23rd, 2021Categories: Heightened Awareness

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